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Some free software I have written:

A variety of Gstreamer elements and mods written for client projects by Trans-code Design Studio. This is a sort of grab bag project that will grow over time

A command-line jukebox and music player front end. Written mostly in UNIX shell and good old Awk. Surprisingly fast.

A command-line software installer for Cygwin. This is not an alternative software repository, it uses the same repository as Cygwin Setup. I wrote it because I wanted the same functionality from the command line. It uses the same data structures as Cygwin Setup and you should be able to continue using both programs. Changes made by apt-cyg will be visible to Cygwin Setup and vice-versa.

Two Bash functions to help turn interactive shell sessions into scripts.

A C program that takes standard input or files and arranges them in nice columns like the ls command. It was created by extracting the columnar formatting code from GNU ls.

A C program that takes standard input or files and processes each line interactively by letting the user vote yes or no on it. It is intended to be used in scripts and pipelines to implement "fancy interactive" mode. Mass voting and changing levels to vote on whole categories (folders, for example) at once are also possible.